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Master Risk & AML Compliance and Unlock Industry Secrets

Discover the key to navigating the modern financial landscape with our comprehensive whitepaper – your essential guide for strategic decision-making in today's complex financial environment.

Risk & Compliance Insights:  

  1. Fraud Prevention Shift - Explore the shift from reactive to proactive fraud prevention strategies and real-time monitoring advancements

  2. Digital Banking Evolution - Discover the transformation in customer banking experiences with mobile technology and the compliance implications

  3. AI & Data Analytics - Learn how AI, machine learning, and big data are revolutionizing real-time data processing for personalized financial services

  4. Data-Driven Personalization - Gain insights on leveraging customer data for tailored financial solutions and services while meeting your compliance obligations

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About Unit21

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The task of managing risk and compliance is growing in complexity. From dealing with an ever-growing volume of alerts, to relying on engineering teams and static systems, something is broken with 90% of laundered going undetected. Unit21 takes on these problems head-on to give risk and compliance teams the most control over their operations.

Backed by Google, Tiger Global Management, and other leading investors, Unit21 redefines how risk and compliance teams fight financial crime. Unit21’s Risk & Compliance infrastructure provides a simple API and dashboard for detecting, investigating, and reporting on fraud, money laundering, and other sophisticated risks across multiple industries. 

Combining transaction monitoring and investigation case management, Unit21 streamlines risk and compliance operations.

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