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The Fraud Fighters Manual

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As fraudsters continue to advance their techniques, it is crucial for companies to develop a deeper understanding of the associated risks and take proactive measures to prevent fraud.

Unit21 has collaborated with leading fraud-fighting experts to address this growing challenge to create the Fraud Fighters Manual: The Ultimate Fraud Prevention Guide for Fintech, Crypto, and Neobanks.

Join this webinar on-demand to get a sneak peek at the Manual, and stay ahead of fraudsters and bad actors.


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About the Webinar

Many organizations view fraud as the “f-word.” 

However, fraudsters are becoming more sophisticated, and companies—especially those operating in the Fintech and financial industries—must understand the associated risks and the steps they can take toward prevention.

That's why Unit21 brought together several front-line fraud-fighting experts to create the Fraud Fighters Manual: The Ultimate Fraud Prevention Guide for Fintech, Crypto, and Neobanks. 

In this exclusive webinar, Unit21's Head of Fraud, Alex Faivusovich, will offer viewers a sneak peek into 23 highlights from the book. He'll cover topics like compromised and synthetic identities, account takeovers, crypto fraud, and more, to help create a broad picture of the current state of fraud, along with practical ideas for how to combat it effectively.


About the Host


Alex Faivusovich

Alex Faivusovich

Head of Fraud Risk, Unit21

Alex Faivusovich is a fraud prevention leader who has been fighting financial fraud for the past 13 years. His career started in Israel at Leumi Card (MAX) which culminated in him leading a team of 15 fraud analysts. In the U.S., Alex joined Matrix-IFS as a senior fraud consultant, where he provided expertise for Tier -1 banks and Fintech programs.

Alex later served as the Head of Fraud Risk at Lili Bank, leading the fraud prevention implementation of fraud prevention technology within the company, as well as owning the risk policy for first and third-party fraud.