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See Visual Connections Between Fraudsters

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 Are you having trouble visualizing connections between marked fraudsters and seemingly legitimate accounts?

With Unit21's Graph-Based Rules, you can proactively detect accounts and other entities linked to suspicious activity. 

This ondemand workshop will dive into how to uncover sophisticated fraud schemes like money laundering and synthetic identity fraud, ensuring enhanced security and compliance in real-time.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • What graph-based rules are 
  • How graph-based rules advance your fraud detection 
  • How to implement graph-based rules 
  • 3 examples of graph-based rules you can use today:
    • 314a automation
    • Fraud rings 
    • Ban evasion 
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Meet the speakers


Alex Faivusovich

Head of Fraud Risk, Unit21

Alex Faivusovich is a fraud prevention leader who has been fighting financial fraud for the past 13 years. His career started in Israel at Leumi Card (MAX) which culminated in him leading a team of 15 fraud analysts. In the U.S., Alex joined Matrix-IFS as a senior fraud consultant, where he provided expertise for Tier -1 banks and Fintech programs.

Alex later served as the Head of Fraud Risk at Lili Bank, leading the fraud prevention implementation of fraud prevention technology within the company, as well as owning the risk policy for first and third-party fraud.

Matt Headshot


Matt Garish

Customer Solutions Engineer, Unit21

Matt Garish, a member of Unit21's Customer Success team, brings over a decade of experience of helping customers optimize their SaaS tooling. Leveraging a blend of art and science to everything he does, his goal is to enable teams with data and creativity to reach their desired results.

In his free-time, you may find him in the East Bay of California enjoying the outdoors with his wife and dog.


About Unit21

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The task of managing risk and compliance is growing in complexity. From dealing with an ever-growing volume of alerts, to relying on engineering teams and static systems, something is broken with 90% of laundered going undetected. Unit21 takes on these problems head-on to give risk and compliance teams the most control over their operations.

Backed by Google, Tiger Global Management, and other leading investors, Unit21 redefines how risk and compliance teams fight financial crime. Unit21’s Risk & Compliance infrastructure provides a simple API and dashboard for detecting, investigating, and reporting on fraud, money laundering, and other sophisticated risks across multiple industries. 

Combining transaction monitoring and investigation case management, Unit21 streamlines risk and compliance operations.

Interested in discovering how Unit21’s Risk & Compliance infrastructure can help your organization?

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