The State of Fraud
and AML in 2022


We surveyed 231 risk and compliance professionals to gain deeper insight into the trends, challenges, and priorities in tackling fraud and money laundering this year.
After reading this report, you’ll:

Learn the top priorities for risk and compliance operations and management in the next 12 months.


Understand what professionals in your industry believe is the #1 indicator for successful fraud and AML programs!


Walk away with 4 things you can do today to help your organization combat modern fraud and AML!

It is no surprise the future of finance is increasingly digital. But with digital convenience comes increased risks. As online financial services offer near-instant access to money management, this immediacy also opens up new angles for fraud or money laundering.

What industry professionals are saying...


Pinpointed reliable transaction monitoring & case management software as critical


Identified education & training on tools & regulatory standards important to operations


Find a single extensive framework for assessing risk most helpful to their organization

Read what 231 of your peers think the future of Fraud and AML is!

Dive into the report and see what other risk and compliance professionals like yourself are experiencing, prioritizing and doing to build an effective fraud and AML program!

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